• The 17 Perils

    The word "peril" invokes different images for different people, although the reaction is usually the same for everyone: avoid, avoid, avoid. Despite your best efforts, sometimes perils to your home and property cannot be avoided. That's where a good homeowner's insurance policy comes in. Homeowner's policies are defined by the perils that they insure against. The average homeowner's policy helps protect you, up to the policy limits, not only from common hazards like fire or wind, but from peril...
  • Does the Protection You Have Still Fit?

    The other day, I was filling my gas tank at one of those super-stations. In addition to fuel, they sold every hot and cold beverage imaginable, practically every variety of donut or sweet cake made, and all forms of fast food that can be stuck on a stick or stuffed in a bun with any combination of garnishments you choose. Next to me at the pump was an older man who was using a gauge to measure the air pressure in his tires. It was hot and as he stooped over to unscrew the cap off each valve, th...

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